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One of England's many advantages is the range of climate conditions we experience in different parts of the country. Some apple varieties like plenty of sunshine, others can withstand colder temperatures, so wherever we grow our apples, we choose the right varieties to thrive and ripen in the local conditions.

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Welcome to English Apples

English Apples is an organisation of apple growers who work together to make sure the shops are full of the very best quality English-grown varieties. We grow and promote the tastiest apples, each variety in its season, and spread the word about why English grown apples are the best!

There are many reasons why English apples have long been renowned for their taste and flavour. Our friendly climate is the main advantage, with a long growing season, ample rainfall and moderate temperatures. The best apples grow and ripen slowly, producing maximum juiciness and staying crunchy.

Our experience as growers, often going back many generations, means that our members always deliver the tastiest, juiciest, crunchiest apples - year after year. We support the industry, protect the environment and spread the word about how good our produce is.

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Welcome, Hello and thank you visiting our Love English Apples website. We're dedicated to having the most fun possible with apples.

We'll bring you all sorts of brilliant games and competitions, the world's most surprising apple facts, and great ways to apples, including easy-to-make recipes.

Apples grown in England are as English as Buckingham Palace and Benedict Cumberbatch. They're the real thing. Our traditional varieties have been enjoyed for countless years. Things have got even better recently. We've introduced a wide range of exciting new varieties. All grown in glorious England.

Why are English apples so good? We've got perfect weather. Not too hot. Not too cold. And just the right amount of rain. When you eat an English apple, you know it hasn't sat in a fridge in a gigantic ship, churning its way across the oceans for months on end. From the grower to you, with the minimum fuss. This means the best taste. And it's good for the planet too.

There's so much happening in the apple world. We can't wait to share it with you. Make sure you don't miss out by following us on Twitter or Facebook

Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you again. Keep crunching!

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